What is Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing involves replacing or veneering the parts of the cabinet that are visible all the time. Therefore, the cabinet boxes stay in their current layout, but get a new finish with veneer or laminate. Other parts, such as drawer fronts and cabinet doors, get completely replaced. Finally, you finish off the decoration with complementary trim and cabinet hardware.

A Whole New Look

Cabinet refacing can bring a whole new look to your kitchen in a very short period. When you reface your cabinets, you keep the existing structure but spruce up hardware, drawer fronts, cabinet doors, and exterior surfaces. This way, you can rework an already adequate kitchen with a face lift without interrupting your busy life. Many people turn to cabinet refacing when they'd like to update their kitchen, but donít want to manage a total demolition. With cabinet refacing, it's easy to coordinate a new floor or wall paint and end up with a beautiful new room for much less cost than a full remodeling.

How It's Done
how to install step 1Remove all existing doors, drawer fronts and hinges.
How to install step 2 Prepare cabinet surfaces for matching coverings

how to install step 3Apply matching coverings to all visible exteriors of the cabinets, in either laminate, vinyl, or matching veneer.

how to install step 4 We install a complete new door and new hardware.
how to install step 5 The new look is complete.  Crown moulding and light valance can be added to the cabinets.

What our clients are saying:

"The workmanship and fitting of the new doors and crown moulding are best described as being perfect.  I thank you and Richard for transforming our kitchen into my wife's favorite room."

"It's refreshing to deal with people who take such pride in their work. What great staff you have!"